We love fighting games!

We love to get together and play all types of fighting games. We meet Friday nights from 6pm to 12am in Institute Hall room 1180. Starting at 8pm, we run our weekly tournaments. This year our staple games are Tekken 7, BlazBlue: Central Fiction, and Street Fighter V. We also have one more tournament that is a different game every week based on the community's interest. If tournaments aren't your thing or you are looking to just hang out, feel free to come and meet people and play some casual sets.


Tekken 7

Tekken 7

BlazBlue: Central Fiction

BlazBlue: Central Fiction

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V
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Current Executive Board

Anthony Pichardo

Anthony Pichardo, President

Third Year, Game Design and Development Major

I came to Rochester when I was still new-ish to anime fighters. I had only played Guilty Gear for a few months, but quickly improved and became one of the leaders and better players in the Rochester anime FGC. As such, I was offered to join Team AGN as their anime fighting game specialist. While I wasn’t necessarily as heavily involved as Erik when it came to the transition, I was always available when needed. As well, my current standing in the community made me a natural fit for the role of president when the time came for our club to form. My main games are Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax: Ignition and BlazBlue: Central Fiction. I have top 8 finishes and commentary reels at majors in both games as well as Guilty Gear Xrd.

Jackson Robbins

Jackson Robbins, Vice President

Second Year, Computing Security Major

I messed around with fighting games since early high school, but I finally started competing in my senior year with Street Fighter V. Coming to RIT, I was introduced to Erik, and we both would practice that game for hours on end. Now, I play literally any fighting game you put in front of me, be it 2D, 3D, anime, or in between. After playing with all the different fighting games, I want to be able to bring them all together and help them all enjoy fighting games together, so I pursued the role of vice president. You can find me playing nearly every game at the club, either teaching newer players the fundamentals or competing with more seasoned veterans, and if you can find a game I haven’t played yet, I hope you can bring it and show me the ropes!

Jack Beauregard

Jack Beauregard, Treasurer

Second Year, Media Arts and Technology Major

As a transfer student, I met Erik at an RIT Electronic Gaming Society meeting. Through this meeting, I would go on to make friends in the RIT FGC. While I am a fledgling fighter, I have grown up playing first person shooters competitively for many years. Forever drawn to competition, I decided to sign on as the new club's Treasurer. While managing club finances is the Treasurer's official role I also dabble in content creation for the club and revamped the club's Discord server, updating it to be the vibrant and active community it is today.

Erik Ellison

Erik Ellison, Secretary

Fourth Year, Computing and Information Technologies Major

After spending a year improving my Street Fighter V skills, I took an organizer role through another RIT club called EGS, Electronic Gaming Society and organized a weekly get-together. Once EGS' vision and mine diverged, the next step was to venture out and make my own club that the fighting game community could call home and in April, the RIT FGC club was formed with Anthony as President and Jack as Treasurer. However, this was not an end to my time organizing the club as I was made Interim President in fall 2018 since Anthony was off-campus on Co-Op. By the end of the fall semester, it was clear to me that I was still needed by the club, but with Anthony coming back as President, I had to step down and take a new role, Secretary

Nana Aidoo

Nana Aidoo, Social Media Manager

Second Year, New Interactive Media and Development Major

I’ve been playing fighting games since I was in High School and I was first introduced to the scene when I met Anthony during my first year orientation. He then would introduce me to Erik, and the other fighting game players at RIT and I spent my first year getting to know them and the atmosphere they had. At the end of last semester I was asked to take the role of Social Media Manager and I happily accepted. I’ll be in charge of getting announcements out for our events as well as running our social media accounts. You’ll catch me either playing Tekken or Anime fighters so don’t hesitate to say hello.

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